Welcome Dajjal.News website. This website is an attempt to bear witness to the Dajjal and his Machinations in the World we live in today in 2017 and onwards. This website will provide an Archive of materials related to the AntiChrist aka Dajjal aka the False Messiah. Dajjal’s influence on Humanity for the past 100 years will be covered here as well all matters related to the Dajjalic influence in our Present Day and Time.

We are told when facing difficult and odious news that we should endeavour to do something about it with our hands (highest level), our tongues (second highest level) or at the lowest level at least in your minds if the prior to previous choices are too difficult or too onerous.

As Stewards and Vicegerents of Earth it is our Responsibility to do something to and say something against the Oppressor. And there is no Greater Mastermind of Oppression than the Dajjal and the Minions who follow him.

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The One Eyed Symbolsim of the Dajjal was around us for all to see Hidden in Plain Sight, but even when the Evidence is presented we have difficulty in accepting it.

The Dajjal is cunning is his Marketing and the Symbolism of Old is no longer working so the Tactic had to be changed and adapted to Modern Times. Hence the Approach towards Corruption through so-called innocent Cartoons and Hollywood Films.

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