What is the Dajjal the Anti-Christ?

[October 1, 2017]

What is the Dajjal aka the Anti-Christ aka the False Messiah? This question and its answer is perhaps the single most important question and answer for the End Times. Because the Dajjal is a unique creation unlike anything that has been created before and its sole role and goal is to misled mankind in the End Times. And the biggest victim of Dajjal’s Deceit and Deception will be the Zionist Jews who laud the praise of Zionist Israeli.

The Coming of the False Messiah aka the Dajjal as narrated by Sheikh Imran Hosein

How to Prepare for the Coming of the Dajjal the Anti-Christ aka False Messiah as narrated by Hamza Yusuf and Nouman Ali Khan

Zionism as the Greatest Enemy of Mankind in the End Times as narrated by Sheikh Imran Hosein

Advice for Women in the End Times about the Dajjal as narrated by Tim Humble

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