Aliens in the Quran and Alien Abductions

[November 1, 2017]

Do Aliens exist and what does the Quran have to say about it? Here are some possible Answers and perhaps more importantly, some Questions to keep in mind when considering this topic.

When we receive only vague and indecisive Answers to such Questions from the Scholars of Islam then what ends up happening in the Age of the Internet is that we find other Answers to fill the Gap.

Aliens in the Quran Presentation by Quran Visualization

If viewers were not satisfied with the previous presentation because it was too vague and left the door open to multiple explanations, then viewers will be even more disappointed with this presentation by the normally educated and lucid Dr. Ally. However, here on this Question of the issue of Aliens he is a profound disappointment.

It is an real same that Dr. Ally cannot comprehend the idea of Aliens and instead dismisses the entire discussion as farcical and fantasies of the mind. How he was able to ignore and dismiss that in the vastness of this creation there is no life other than Mankind is really difficult to understand. We find his  explanation of this issue extremely weak and ineffectual.

Let us consider that if Adam was created not on Earth and he was born on Earth, then technically since we are all descendants of Adam and not of Monkeys then technically we are the real Aliens. We are not from here, but were rather sent here.

Furthermore, the Jinn called Iblis was created thousands of years before the creation of Adam and lived on Earth for thousands of years before Adam arrived. And we told Iblis traversed all of the Universe in his Worship of the Creator, until his fatal fall from Grace when we asked to bow to Adam.

Our point here is that how it is plausible to say that in our those traverses the Jinn Iblis found no life or signs of God’s creation? When in the extremes of the Oceans, the Deserts and the Mountains we find life existing and even thriving without any help from Mankind. How is it plausible to say that in all of God’s creation there probably is not anything other than Mankind? It sounds like a real waste of Time and Space and Effort to create so much and leave it so empty with no explanation.

Aliens and Extraterrestrial Life by Dr. Shabir Ally [Toronto, Canada]

Therefore, it was a real shame and a real missed opportunity by Dr. Ally to put this matter to rest. Since Dr. Ally is from Canada, perhaps he can take into consideration this testimony a fellow Canadian who was Abducted by Aliens. Perhaps Dr. Ally can make a follow up video as he seems to be a few years behind in his research and the video was made way back in 2013.

Now compare such words to the Testimony of a Alien Abductee. When physical evidence and repressed traumatic memories are all going to be dismissed as fantasies, then it will have to be resolved on that Day when all accounts and matters are settled. However, until then it our duty and obligation to find Answers and at least ask Questions, so we can have get out of a State of Ignorance and Strive towards a State of Belief.

Canadian Alien Abductee Tells All 

Discernment is the key and viewers will have to decide whether they believe such stories or not, but regardless of what we think countless people are having such experiences and an explanation needs to be found. Simple minded dismissals will no longer suffice in these End Times when Deceit and Deception are the everywhere. If we cannot and will not take the time to Discern we will be lost and spend our times in a Trance as most of the Community unfortunately seems to be like currently.

Because at the End of the Day, towards the End of History and in the End Times, that was the most important Question to Consider; were we in a State of Denial and in a State of Disbelief, or were we in a State of Obedience or a State of Belief?


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