Signs of the Times Part 25 by Sheikh Imran Hosein – Bitcoin, Divorce, Silver Dinar, and More

[December 5, 2017 – Dajjal.News] 

Sheikh Imran Hosein delivers another series in his somewhat irregular Signs of the Times show from his Island home of Trinidad on the IBN TV Network. The Sheikh is one of the very few (so few that they can be counted on two hands or perhaps even one) Islamic Scholars that is still talking about the End Times and the Dajjal aka the Anti-Christ. There are some audio issues with this broadcast so please be aware of that and hopefully the folks at the IBN can fix that issue soon.

There is no Greater Figure in the End Times than the Al-Masih ad-Dajjal and if we want to understand Islamic Eschatology then without this Figure our discussion is really pointless.

Summary of this episode – Part 25;

  • The Sheikh informs us that he will be travelling for the next 4 months and will be going to Britian, France, Serbia, Bosnia, Pakistan and Switzerland.
  • He is leading local efforts to Mint the Silver Dinars for local trading and as an alternative out of the “Utterly Haram” Paper/Fiat Currency currently in use in tiny Trinidad and across the larger Globe.
  • The Sheikh encourages us to go and ask their local Scholars about whether Money is Halal or Haram and ask them for a Fatwa on the issue of Crypto Currencies aka Bitcoins and the rest.
  • The Sheikh explains the concept and mechanics of Divorce and 3 Menstrual Cycles post Divorce.
  • A Caller asked about Student Loans and how to or if he should repay the Loan
  • The show ends with a discussion on Gog and Magog and the Mysterious Barrier from Surah Kahf

Our take on the issue of Bitcoin is quite simple and it based on the Methodology used by the Sheikh himself where and when he states that if we are confronted with 2 choices that are both bad, then choose the less odious choice as in choose the one that is less Haram.

Furthermore, we are stating in our analysis which now is different from the Sheikh, even though we believe it much of the Sheikh states, that Bitcoin is more Halal than Fiat Currencies based on 5 Core Principles;

  1. Bitcoin does not have any Debt associated with it.
  2. Bitcoin does carry any Interest (Riba) with it because it is not Loaned into existence like the USD.
  3. Bitcoin is not Owned or Controlled or Issued by any Central Bank (Federal Reserve) or Agency (UN) or any Country (USA) and is therefore more Democratic, Fair and Accessible to the Average Person.
  4. Bitcoin’s Intrinsic Value lies in its Code which is based on a Cryptographic Algorithm which does not take sides based on Politics or Religion or Race or Creed and therefore is amoral in that sense.
  5. Bitcoin can be used for International and Local Trade in Real-Time across borders through an App which is something the Silver Dinar and Gold Dirham cannot and will not be able to do with a Trustless Electronic Backend that supports such Transactions.

And therefore we are choosing to go with Bitcoin over any Fiat Currency. We will be discussing this issue on our Podcasts which will be launching soon on this website dedicated to all the topics surrounding the Dajjal and the End Times.

Here is a short Video and an Infographic on these 5 Core Principles using the Grapes to Wine Framework (PDF Version).

When we state Bitcoin here in this discussion we are using Bitcoin as a Metaphor and Represents all Crypto Currencies, because there are over 1500 different Coins currently in the this Crypto Currency Market.

And to show we are fully in support of Bitcoin based on the Grapes to Wine Framework and the Hadith on Choices we are taking donations in Bitcoin. Our Bitcoin Address is below and we Appreciate any support to keep this website going.

Bitcoin Address: 1Ce6zu4nAVnv9drGrh3sFJmb2BtPHSabg8


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