The Importance of Jerusalem and Trump in the End Times

[December 15, 2017]

On the 6th of December 2017, Donald Trump, the President of the United States of America declared Jerusalem to the be eternal capital of Zionist Israel. Thereby, in one move alienating and negating the rights of Christians as well as Muslims to this Holy City. These are the footsteps towards War and the Coming of the Dajjal. These are indeed momentous times we live in as we approach the End of History.

US President Donald Trump delivers a statement on Jerusalem al-Quds from the White House in Washington, DC on December 6, 2017. (AFP photo)

If we use the End Times Book and its Numerical decoding of Trump we find him to be an Awar (a person who has a defective eye);

Let us examine the numerical value of “Awar” and “the Awar”:
أعور Awar (Person who has a physical defect) : 277 (277 is the 59th Prime Number)
(346 is the 277th Composite Number) (1787 is the 277th Prime Number)
ز ملك الدجال The Dajjal, King of Engleez (English People): 69 + (90 + 118) = 69 + 208 = 277
المتحده الولایات ل رئیس President for the United States: 280 + 30 + (479 + 488) = 280 + 30 + 967 = 1277
346 is the 277th Composite Number. Number 346 is the numerical value of:
طرمب دونالد Donald Trump: 95 + 251 (or 252) = 346 (or 347) (346 is the 277th Composite Number)

Indeed we find Trump to be a Deceiver of the End Times. Other researchers and authors have pointed out that Trump is in fact a German Jew whose family name is actually Drumpf. Being a German Jew would help to explain his action and his Deceit and Deception upon the American peoples and the rest of the World. Cancelling any Ramadan celebrations at the White House and fully endorsing Hannukah ceremonies for all the World to see also adds further credence to this matter.

Even the Good Rabbi points out that Donald means “the ruler of the world” and Drumpf is a German Jewish name meaning Drummer.

So putting all the pieces of the Names together we arrive at;

Thus Donald Trump’s full name literally means: the ruler of the world, graced by God and a descendant of a drummer.

Again the End Times Book’s Numerical Decoding confirms this fact;

Trump” or “Trumpet”, in English language, refers to an instrument that makes sounds. It is
expected, in both Islam and Christianity, to be blown or sounded at important stages of the End Times.
The Quran mentions the Arabic word الصور” Al-Soor” which means “The Trumpet or Trump”.
Donald Trump is connected to the Trumpet or Trump in two ways:
الصور Al-Soor (The Trumpet or Trump) (verse 20 of Sura 50): 327
درامبف Drumpf: 327 (His paternal grandfather, Frederick Trump, immigrated to the U.S.
from Germany in 1885.The real, original, German family name of Donald Trump is Drumpf)

Instead of just moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Donald Drumpf is instead going to build a brand new Embassy for the Zionist nation of Israel. That is another sign or marker of the End Times. We just witnessed a brand new Embassy being built in London, England, which is considered to the a representation and metaphor of New Jerusalem just as New York the headquarters of Donald Drumpf is also a representation and metaphor of New Jerusalem.

Related image

This new US Embassy which was just unveiled in London at the cost of $1 Billion USD is Symbolic of the new Embassy that will be built in Jerusalem. These steps are rife with End Times Symbolism because it signals that the Al-Aqsa complex must also be moved/destroyed/negated in order for this 3rd Temple to be built in Holy Jerusalem to usher in the reign and realm of the Dajjal aka the Anti-Christ.

Indeed on that front, it should be pointed out that a Symbolic Replica 3rd Temple aka Solomon’s Temple has already been built in São Paulo, Brazil using Jerusalem Stone and on Google Maps the 3rd Temple is already marked on the map for the World to see and tour.

MiddleEastEye correctly points out the special status of Jerusalem which Donald Drumpf is choosing to conveniently ignore as America usually does when facts and laws are not in its favour;

Jerusalem has a special status under international law. The international community does not recognise Israeli sovereignty over any of the parts of Jerusalem and hence does not recognise it as Israel’s capital. Additionally, East Jerusalem has been illegally occupied, annexed and colonised by Israel since 1967.

And it will be in the city of modern day Lod which is less than 50 kms from Jerusalem, where the Dajjal will be killed. However, without the help and aid of minor Dajjals such as Donald Drumpf they cannot pave the way or lay the groundwork for the main Dajjal to come.

Image result for gate of ludd

Such was the Arrogance and Hubris and Pride before the Fall of this nation called America. Why is America to Fall? Because without the Fall of America, Zionist Israel cannot assume the Throne of World Power aka Pax Judaica to usher in the Age of the Dajjal aka the Anti-Christ.

Image result for pride before the fall

Even, the Jews Against Zionists group which is against a nation called Israel, because for them no Israel can exist without the coming of their Messiah. It is the responsibility of the Messiah to come and establish this new Kingdom and rebuild Israel. Therefore, any nation calling itself Israel before the coming of the Messiah is indeed a False Kingdom, a Usurper and Impostor nation known hence as Zionist Israel ruled and controlled by the Khazarian Mafia.

It should also be noted that Donald Drumpf’s Declaration marks the 100 years since the British Mandate for Palestine and the 100 Year Anniversary of the Balfour Declaration. This act of Betrayal by the British coincides 100 years later with the Betrayal by the Americans to the Palestinians and Christians and Muslims in that region.

Balfour declaration unmarked.jpg

Therefore, putting all the pieces together for we can conclude that Donald Drumpf the Crypto Zionist Jew aka Jew in Hiding who is Deceiving the Americans and the rest of the World by pretending to be a Peace Maker when in fact his real covert secret Agenda is nothing but more Wars for Zionist Israel.

In signing the Declaration of Jerusalem he is announcing or blowing the Trumpet to announce the coming birth of Pax Judaica, the birth of a Grand End Times Alliance with Wahhabist Saudi Arabia and American Imperialism of course led by and in service of Zionist Israel. And now with the imminent ascent to the throne of MBS in Saudi Arabia who is complete lackey of Judas Kushner (the Chabad Lubavitcher Zionist) and his forcing a Peace Settlement on Palestine and Zionist Israel, all the pieces of the puzzle are starting to becoming crystal clear for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. Those of us who are have been sleeping since 2008 should now wake up and smell the signs of the End Times.

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For a historical context and a religious explanation of this city, this lecture by Sheikh Al-Suleiman Shady on Jerusalem or Al-Quds should be heard and understood.

A much longer explanation of the entire End Times and with Jerusalem at its Center is presented by Sheikh Imran Hosein.

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