Sheikh Imran Hosein Interviewed on Crimean Russian TV in Belgrade

[December 16, 2017 – Dajjal.News]

Sheikh Imran Hosein is on his speaking tour in Europe currently and this video is an interview with a Russian TV channel based in Crimea. The Friendship and Alliance between the True Muslims and the True Christians is explained and evidenced here.

Another way of understanding this vital Alliance for the End Times is to watch an animated video scribe presentation because our attention spans are so weak these days that focusing on a lecture for 30 to 60 to god forbid 120 minutes is beyond the capacity of most. Unfortunately, in the Dajjal Dominated and Run Material World of Today, Time is a commodity that is in short supply and our Energy is even more limited in supply.

The Muslim Alliance with Russia (Rum) – Animated Version

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